Can I request a specific DJ/MC?

Of course you can!  We do our best to accommodate all requests, providing the person you requested is available for your date. If there is someone you like, we suggest you book him or her as soon as possible. We don't hold talent without a signed contract and deposit.

Can I give you a play list?

Absolutely! Our planner provides a space for a play list as well as a MUST PLAY and DO NOT PLAY lists. Our DJ's are very accommodating and welcome a play list. One thing to keep in hired us for a reason...our expertise. Our DJ's are extremely talented; leaving them some creative license to do what they do best makes for a great party. 

Will I get to meet my DJ before the event?

Yes, at the final meeting when we meet to review your completed planner.

Will the DJ accept requests from my guests?

Yes, absolutely. The only time he/she won't accept a request is if you specified that you do not want him to.

Do you play only clean versions of songs?

Yes, all songs are previewed ahead of time to ensure they are the clean version. Nothing with offensive language or derogatory terminology will be played. 

Can I specify how interactive I want the MC to be?

Yes you can. In fact, our planner has a spot for you to indicate just that.