ultra's talent

Our pool of talent is some of the best in the tri-state area. Everyone on our team is tenured, having 15 or more years in the business. Several of our entertainers work in various areas of the entertainment business, including acting, dancing, radio and even DJ'ing nationally. When you book with Ultra Event, you can be sure you are getting a professional team for your special day.

Celebrity DJ Nicky Sibilia

Celebrity DJ Nicky Sibilia

DJ Nicky Sibilia

DJ & Director of Entertainment

DJ Nicky Sibilia has over 20 years in the business, playing both private parties and working clubs both nationally and internationally. Like many DJ's he began his career in high school playing at private parties. He soon after expanded into night clubs, where his career took off. He quickly became a well known name within the NYC/NJ nightclub scene. He has toured nationally and internationally, playing clubs in Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa, Brazil and Argentina, to name just a few. Nicky's combined experience in the clubs and on the private party scene is what makes him a great artist. His extensive knowledge of music and mixing and genuine down-to-earth personality makes him one of our most requested DJ's. 

DJ Tommy Tunes

DJ Tommy Tunes

DJ and Master of Ceremony

Tom’s interest in music started with his record collection at the young age of six and shortly thereafter began entertaining family & friends at family gatherings. Over the years Tom has had the privilege of spinning music for many different clients and cultures. He says he loves the challenge of delivering exactly what clients want. “Collecting music and constant practicing of my craft are still a large part of my daily life.” , “Thank you for taking the time in getting to know me a little more and I look forward to giving you and your guests an unforgettable party.”

DJ / MC Ivan

DJ / MC Ivan

DJ/MC Ivan

DJ El Commandante

One of the top Latin/American DJs in New Jersey. He began his career as a DJ, Crowd Motivator and MC over 20+ years ago. Starting at a young age, Ivan has performed at a myriad of private parties as a DJ/MC at weddings, sweet sixteens, corporate parties and all kinds of special events. He has entertained crowds with his high energy performances in the tri-state area, as well as internationally in the countries of Canada and Greece. His mixes have gathered crowds at venues such as Foxes Night Club, Sandbar, Latin Quarters(NYC), 46 Lounge and Copacabana(NYC). Furthermore, his extensive career has given him the opportunity to showcase his diverse mixes on the FM97.9 Mega Radio Station. As an avid presenter and animator, Ivan has pumped up the stage for an extensive number of festivals in New York and New Jersey, including Puerto Rican Day festivals, Cuban and Colombian festivals. He has shared the stage with many artists and radio personalities in the Music industry, and is known by many as having the ability to read crowds, and making any party a success. Book your party today, and enjoy his talent. We ensure you will be completely satisfied with the quality of entertainment at your event!


DJ Charlie Bucket


DJ and Remix Master

With over 15 years of experience in the private party and club scenes, Charlie knows how to work a dance floor. His skills don't end there! Charlie is a remix master, creating special mixes for those special dances.


MC & Party Motivator Carlos

Master of ceremony, Carlos

MC /Party Motivator

MC Carlos is the Ultimate Master of Ceremony and Party Motivator! He is enthusiastic and energetic. His energy transcends to you and your guests. By day, he teaches dance.  Want to up your game for your first dance? Carlos offers private dance lessons to couples looking to improve their skills and WOW their guests.

MC & Party Motivator Yarnell

MC & Party Motivator Yarnell

master of ceremony, yarnell

Party Motivator

Yarnell, the Master of Ceremony and Party Motivator, knows how to keep your Guests engaged and on their feet all night long! He will be right there on the dance floor with your guests. Great with adult parties, great with kid parties, whatever your event, Yarnell is the perfect Party Motivator!

MC & Party Motivator, Christopher



Master of Ceremonies and Motivator Christopher brings performance, style and energy to your event. With his fun and engaging personality, he creates a fun-filled atmosphere, where you and your guests become the stars of the party!  No matter the audience, Christopher uses his background in theater and entertainment to make each guest shine on the dance floor. 




Howi Bongo is very talented, entertaining and versatile. He can play along side any style of music. Enhance your DJ package and bring in that live sound with Howi.