the voice over

a sentimental keepsake

The special dances are magic moments in themselves; laying your voice over that special song creates a unique and sentimental keepsake for you both to cherish. The voice-over effect can be done for any of the special dance songs: first dance, mother-son dance or the father-daughter dance. There won't be a dry eye in the house.  

See for yourself...

Shannon wanted to make this moment even more memorable for her father, Bob. She worked closely with Ultra Event on creating this special keepsake voice over for her father-daughter-dance song. Grab the Kleenex!

(Video by Northeast Horizons)

Allison and Nikolas each prerecorded their sections separately and are hearing what the other said for the first time during this moment.



Want to WOW your guests, CAtch them off guard, surprise them?

Let us create a remix for your First Dance, Father-Daughter or Mother-Son Dance. We will work closely with you on the song selection for the perfect mix. Need help on the choreography? No worries, we have a professional dancer on staff who will ensure you are ready for your big day!